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We are holding a closed beta test as we approach the official launch of the game.
In this test, we will take the opinions and impressions of all players into account as we strive to bring you the best experience possible.
We look forward to your participation.


Closed Beta Test Period Scheduled for 4/7/2021 - 4/15/2021 PDT *Subject to change.
Recommended System Requirements A device with Android 7.0 or higher, 64 bit, with at least 3 GB of RAM
Note: We do not guarantee functionality on all devices listed above.
Note: Recommended devices may change once the official game service begins.
Application Period 3/15/2021 - 4/4/2021 PDT *Subject to change.
Note: Once the application period closes, only pre-registration will be available.
How to Apply After reading Closed Beta Test Tester Terms of Service and the important notes, select "Apply for the Closed Beta Test" to apply.

・From Google Play, select "Pre-register" to complete your application.
・Selected participants will be notified on Google Play.

Closed Beta Test Tester Terms of Service

【Important Notes About the Closed Beta Test】

  • Open to Android devices only.
  • We ask that you please take a survey after playing the Closed Beta Test.
  • We will not provide individual support for in-game issues during the Closed Beta Test.
  • Your play data from the Closed Beta Test will not be carried over once official game service begins.
  • Some features may not be available and some content may differ from the official version of the game.
  • You cannot purchase paid currency in the Closed Beta Test.
  • The Closed Beta Test period and content are subject to change without notice.
  • We may perform emergency maintenance without notice during the test.
  • Game parameters and specifications are subject to change without notice during the test.
  • We are unable to respond to individual inquiries regarding the results of the random drawing.
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