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Closed Beta Test
Tester Terms of Service

DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) apply to testers (“Testers”) participating in the closed beta test (hereinafter referred to as "Test") of the Game as set forth below.
Testers participating in this Test are deemed to have agreed to these Terms. However, if you are under age and wish to participate in this Test, you must obtain the consent of your legal guardian in addition to agreeing to these Terms.
You may not participate in this Test if you do not agree to these Terms, and if you are under age and do not have the consent of your legal guardian. Your participation in this Test constitutes proper acceptance of these Terms.
If you are under age, please consult with your legal guardian about the playing time so that participating in this Test will not interfere with your daily life.

Article 1 Definition

• "Company" means Square Enix Co., Ltd.
• "Game" refers to the game maintained and provided by the Company, as set forth in the title of these Terms.
• "Test" means a test using the beta version of the Game for final adjustment for completion of the commercial service version of the Game.
• "Tester" refers to the people who participate in the Test.
• "Terms" means this "Closed beta Test Tester Terms of Service" applicable to Testers participating in the Test.
• "Tester Data" refers to the data accumulated by the Company as a result of the participation of Testers in the Test.

Article 2 Application

These Terms apply to your participation in the Test. Tester shall comply with these Terms in participating in the Test. If Tester participates in the Test based on a service provided by a third party other than the Company, Tester shall comply with the rules provided by the third party (together with these Terms, "Terms and Rules") in addition to these Terms.

Article 3 Roles and Responsibilities of Testers

• Tester shall cooperate by reporting any problems related to the software or usage environment of the Game discovered during the participation in the Test.
• Tester shall not disclose the ID and password used to participate in the Test (if applicable), shall not allow the use (including sharing) thereof, and shall be responsible for the management thereof.
• Tester shall be responsible for any acts performed in this Test with its own ID and password (if applicable), whether or not the Tester performed such acts.

Article 4 Confidentiality Obligations

Tester shall not disclose or leak to a third party any information concerning the specifications, technology, or defects of the Game which may be obtained through the Test. However, Tester may disclose certain information in accordance with the terms set forth by the Company only if the Company expressly permits such disclosure.

Article 5 Prohibited Act

The Company prohibits any of the following acts:.
• the act of assigning, leasing or transferring to another person all or part of the rights that a Tester has as a Tester, or providing for the sale, change of name, pledge or any other security;
• commercial activities using the Test and participation in the Test for commercial purposes or preparation thereof; and
• other acts in violation of these Terms and Rules.

Article 6 Information

For the purpose of analyzing and improving the Game, the Company may upload information relating to the hardware, software and error logs as well as Tester Data from the Tester's hardware to the Company's servers, etc., during the test period without obtaining the Tester's individual consent.

Article 7 Tester Data

The Tester Data accumulated by the Tester during the test period will not be transferred as the player data of the commercial service version of the Game.


• The Test is intended as a final adjustment for the completion of the commercial service version of the Game, and it is intended to test the Game under development. Therefore, the Game is provided “AS IS”, and even if any defect or damage occurs to the Tester or the Tester's hardware, etc., as a result of the Tester's participation in the Test, the Company will not compensate or compensate for any such defect or damage. Testers participate in the Test at their own risk.
• The Company may suspend or suspend the Test or change the duration of the Test at its sole discretion.

Article 9 Ownership of Rights

Between Tester and the Company, the Company retains and will retain all rights in connection with the Game, and will retain all rights in connection with the Tester Data (including all intellectual property rights therein). Testers are only granted the right to access and use the Game to the limited extent permitted by these Terms and Rules.

Article 10 Personal Information

In conducting the Test, if the Company collects Tester's personal information, the Company shall collect and manage such personal information in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy (https://square-enix-games.com/en_GB/documents/privacy).

Article 11 Changes to these Terms

The Company may change these Terms at any time. The Company shall notify Testers of the revised information of these Terms by posting it on the Tester site, etc.

Article 12 Governing Law

These Terms shall be governed by the laws and regulations of Japan with respect to all matters including their effect, interpretation and exercise. Tester agrees that the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive and agreed court of first instance for disputes relating to these Terms or the Test.

Article 13 SmartBeat

The Game uses “SmartBeat”, a crash reporting service provided by FROSK Inc. (“FROSK”). FROSK may obtain various information from your use of the Game, including, but not limited to, the version of the Game and/or OS, name of your Device, when and how the error has occurred. If any of the information obtained by FROSK falls under the definition of personal information under the applicable law, FROSK will collect, store and use such information in accordance with the privacy policy provided by FROSK (http://smrtbeat.com/privacy/).

Date: March 15, 2021
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