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Closed Beta Test Report

Thank you to everyone who participated in the closed beta test.
We'd like to announce the results of the closed beta test survey, along with a sampling of feedback from players.
We've also included comments from the development team, so please have a look!

Part A: Closed Beta Test Impressions

On a scale of 0 to 10, if this game were released, how much would you want to play it?

Player Feedback
  • I like how this game respects The Adventure of Dai by having the classic story unfold along with the new one!
  • I enjoyed how quickly I could pull off moves in battle, and it felt great attacking enemies after learning their patterns! It would be helpful if the game would tell you which quests dropped which items, though.
  • It's fun getting weapons and armor that change my character's look, unlock special moves, and make them more powerful!

Comments from the Development Team

We're very pleased to see that many players gave high ratings to the visuals and the intensity of battles. This means that we were able to deliver the exciting experience that we intended.

Many players also said that they felt we did a good job in honoring the world of The Adventure of Dai, and that the new story fit in well. This new story was supervised by Riku Sanjo, and we aimed at making a satisfying experience for newcomers to The Adventure of Dai, as well as long-time fans. The two stories will continue to develop and intertwine, so we hope you enjoy them.

On the flip side, we also received feedback that it was difficult to understand where to get materials for training characters, and that the drop rate was low, which made it difficult to progress. We believe that these kinds of game balance aspects are essential to the gameplay experience, and are considering making improvements.

Part B: Game Content

Aspects That Many Respondents Found Appealing
  • The high-quality visuals faithfully recreated the world of The Adventure of Dai
  • Both the classic story, and the new one
  • It's a casual action RPG with simple controls that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime
Aspects That Many Respondents Found Appealing
Areas That Were Well-Received
(Player Feedback)
  • Special move animations in battle
  • Players made it their goal to strengthen their party
  • Players could feel their party getting stronger as they progressed
  • The intensity of battles
  • The satisfying feeling of
    controls in battle
Aspects That Many Respondents Found Appealing
Areas That Need Improvement
(Player Feedback)
  • Each battle takes too long
  • The length of the tutorial
  • Not knowing what do to next in the game
  • The controls in the Edit Party screen (selecting party members, equipment, skills, etc.) are unintuitive
  • Difficulty increases are poorly balanced
  • The stress of repeating battles
Aspects That Many Respondents Found Appealing

Comments from the Development Team

We learned that the high quality of the visual presentation (characters, special moves, effects, etc.) gave players a sense of exhilaration as they adventured with Dai. Also, many players said that they enjoyed the gameplay cycle of gradually strengthening their characters and party before taking on stronger enemies. In order to make this cycle even more enjoyable, we will address the following issues that were brought to light.
Tutorial length:
  • Tutorial length:
    While there were many who enjoyed the tutorial and how it felt like watching an anime, we also received feedback from players who felt it was too long. We'd like to adjust the tutorial to make it more enjoyable for all players.

Part C: In Closing

A huge thank you to everyone who has pre-registered and took part in the closed beta test!
We received far more responses to the survey than we anticipated, and it took us several days to read all of your answers from the open-ended question section! It was amazing to see the passion of Adventure of Dai fans, and we're glad that we were able to provide a game that lives up to that passion.

In addition to what we've shown you here, we received many other comments and requests. While we got a lot of positive feedback, we also got many frank and candid opinions, including ones saying that they expected us to make the game more fun. Rest assured that we will take your comments into consideration as we strive to deliver you the best game possible on launch day.

Also, once the game officially launches, there will be features that were not included in the closed beta test. Staying true to the game's subtitle of "A Hero's Bonds," we're working on a system that would allow you to get stronger as you deepen bonds with the many memorable characters you'll meet on your journey. Since several players provided feedback saying that they wanted us to include a wider variety of characters, we're aiming to make this a feature that can satisfy those requests, and we hope you look forward to it.

While not everybody was able to participate in the closed beta test, the whole development team is doing its best to ensure that everybody will be able to enjoy the game once it launches, including iOS users. We're currently planning to launch the game in the fall of 2021, so please wait just a little longer for additional updates.

Part C: In Closing
Image represents an early look at content that is actively in development. Available in all supported languages on launch.

Stay tuned, because there are lots more adventures still to come in DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds!

-The "DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds" Development Team

※All images on this site are from a product under development.

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